Gunslingers talk

Marcus Bey


I had the pleasure of using this Gunslinger.

This is the best sidekick to ever Grace my saddle

if ya know what mean. Hands down the best

what some would call a boab. But it’s something

else.. I forget it’s even on my hip.. lol..!


Terry James Gilbert


I’m primarily a traditional window cleaner.

Working all year around in cold weather

traditional buckets on a belt kept my leg wet

for the better part of my 13 year window

cleaning career. The Gunslinger from Maykker

Products and Reach-iT changed that as well as

other things. It’s a versatile out of the box boab.


You can store multiple tools of various lengths

including large channels with ease. Tool

transitions while cleaning are made with zero

fumbling for slots. It’s stable on your side,

keeps you dry and doesn’t bang your leg into

submission like traditional plastic boabs. One

of the most innovative and impressive tools on

the market today. And in my opinion the

window cleaning product of the year.

Every window cleaner should have one.


Austin Childress

I have used just about every B.O.A.B. available. I started window cleaning over 12 years ago when the plastic B.O.A.B.s were just becoming more common. There is no comparison to The Gunslinger! With its large holsters, it gives the user quick draw abilities as well as endless versatility. And no more bruised legs ! I would recommend this equipment as a must have for any

window cleaner.

Louie Sanchez

"The Gunslinger" Love it! Been using it for over a month now and wouldn't want to be without it. Thanks Richie

Superb Window Cleaning

Justin Smith


“the gunslinger is the most versatile item on my tool belt. It can hold a crazy combination of tool types at once. No limitations. This tool holder can handle everything you throw at it.”