Richie Blue

and Reach-iT




It was a refreshing experience to connect with Perry Tait and his Reach-It crew.  One of my trusted beta testers Tim Huber (Outlaw Window Cleaning) suggested I speak with Perry about my product.  Up until this point I had been stressed on what to do about mass production.


 I was looming local sew shops and connecting with various sewing contractors across the nation.  This was a tedious process and was proving to be unfruitful. Because of the nature and construction of this product (waterproofing) and tactical stitching, most didn’t have the resources or frankly the inclination to be bothered with it.


 In other words, if it wasn’t going to be easy they weren’t interested for the most part.  In addition the contractors that were willing to help were very expensive and had no real interest in my product other than how much they would profit from it.  This I thought was understandable to some degree but disheartening nonetheless.  Finally after repeated suggestions from Tim Huber to contact Perry I did.  I decided I would send Perry a message through Facebook and kick the tires so to speak, not really expecting him to respond.


To my surprise Perry not only responded but did so enthusiastically..  He had heard some things about my product through Tim and expressed curiosity and excitement.  What you have to remember is that I didn’t necessarily need financing because I had several local friends that offered me money to kick start this invention.


What I was looking for was someone that had the experience, resources, and ability to manufacture and market.  In addition I wanted to work with someone that actually cared about the product and managing quality assurance.  After the  first message exchange between Perry and I, it was on.


Since then we have been communicating almost daily.  The first thing I noticed was that Perry was interested in developing a relationship not just “I’m the inventor and he’s the manufacture”..  We talked for hours upon hours about all sorts of things and really developed a good feel for each other.  When I expressed concerns Perry was respectful, reciprocal, responsive and genuine.  We really get on well with each other and it’s apparent that he has my interest at heart.  Now do we both want to make an income?  Absolutely..  But it’s not all about the money.  There is an adventure at hand and the game is afoot! That’s what I love about Perry, he’s very excitable.  It’s infectious.  I feel like we are embarking upon a long term synergistic adventure.  Part of why I’m partnering up with Perry is because I have several other tools I wish to develop and get out there.  Perry understands this and knows that it’s a tough road to hoe on ones own.  He sees the potential in several projects


I have presented and really wants to help me on with those things. Perry doesn’t just talk, he gets stuff done.  When Perry offers to help, he puts his resources where his mouth is.  I love it..!   From my perspective I’m more inclined to have support, encouragement, resources and backing to get on with doing what I like (which is developing more tools and accessories).  Also, Perry has experience and useful insight.  To me this is priceless when I compare it to getting dragged through the mud needlessly.


Reach-It started where I’m at now and they’ve done all the fails and struggles.  I feel like working with Perry is expediting my ambitions while side stepping land mines.  Bottom line, we both see value in each other, we both have good work ethics, we both care about the end consumers, and we both have a no nonsense approach for making things better.  So lets see what happens.. :)