of the b.o.a.b.

Austin DeHerder told me he invented the BOAB. It was made out of pvc pipe. He pitched the idea to someone like Unger or Ettore and they pinched his idea. He had a thriving business on the west coast and was a member of Gary Mauers email forum back in the day. Window Cleaning Network. I think he belonged to Master Window Cleaners of America as well, another email forum.


He sold his business about ten years ago to pursue a career in photography. He made a dvd for window cleaners as well.


My guess would be 1977 by Unger BOAB’s were a brand new idea when I was getting started. That’s about 40 years ago.

Richie Blue, inventor and window cleaner, realised there were too many things that needed changing on the plastic injected BOABs.

And so, Richie set out to develop the ULTIMATE HOLSTER for Professional Window Cleaners.

Richie has made 50 different versions of ‘TIP-JAR’, his prototype name for GUNSLINGER.  Several have been sent to Richie’s friends around USA for testing and feedback.

 In January 2018, one of Richie’s friends and BETA TESTERS, Mr Tim Huber from the OUTLAW WINDOW CLEANER Channel on YouTube and Facebook, was encouraging Richie of the amazing commercial potential for GUNSLINGER.  Richie explained to Tim all the challenges he faced as he tried to make GUNSLINGER locally in San Diego, California - with a cost of 4 hours labor per GUNSLINGER, at minimum employment rates, outsourced manufacturing, adding margin, allowing 50% of the final retail price for the Window Cleaning Resellers, GUNSLINGER was going to retail for close to $200 in order for Richie to make a dollar.


In short, GUNSLINGER was going to be another invention that died on it’s long path to commercial existence, or Richie would be a seamstress in his spare room, working for $10 per hour.  Tim Huber heard the dilemma, and said to Richie “You need to talk to Perry Tait from Reach-iT - he took Reach-iT from his 2 bedroom apartment to a global brand  - he can take TIP-JAR and make it work!”


Tim reached out to Perry, Perry reached out to Richie, and the rest is HISTORY - the history of the plastic injected BOAB will pass, just like the NOKIA mobile phone.  With 80% global marketshare, 6 years later, NOKIA filed for bankruptcy as the world embraced iPhone.  The similarities of iPhone and GUNSLINGER should not be lost on us all.  GUNSLINGER is as American as the iPhone - designed in California, Hand-crafted in China for one reason only - the lower cost of fabrics and labor as a result of lower living costs, and not because of lower living standards. Any enquiries on these matters, please write to perry@reach-it-poles.com.