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When Richie Blue set out to make GUNSLINGER, his first goal was to catch the overrun water from the MOP as it is loaded into the holster.   The front holster is for your mop - it holds the mop away from the body, so you don’t wet your shirt, but it also means the water will overrun down the face of any other B.O.A.B.


GUNSLINGER has a generous opening all around the bottom of the front holster, so all the overrun from the MOP being loaded into the holster runs straight down and is caught by the ‘drip-tray’ function.

This sling is amazing for carrying any extra tool  - whether it be a dry squeegee, a scrim, or a sill squeegee for regular WC’ers, and up to a 36” SORBO channel for the storefront route guys!

Drip catcher


When Richie Blue thought about how to allow a Window Cleaner to drain, or empty his bucket, without removing it from his belt, he invented TIP-TECH (patent pending)! TIP-TECH means the bucket is separate to the holsters, held as-one during normal operation, by THE BUCKLE!

Front holster

The design of GUNSLINGER is for two holsters - the FRONT HOLSTER is designed specifically for your MOP, ensuring that neither your shirt nor your pants will ever get wet!   That said, watch Richie’s TIPS & TRICKS, and he will show you how to fit a squeegee and a mop in the FRONT HOLSTER.

Back holster

Have you ever been ‘stabbed’ by your squeegee when you leaned over?   So did Richie Blue - and so, he set out to design a holster that angles the squeegee both forward and backward (for ‘swordsmen’), so the top end of the squeegee channel is not able to ‘pierce’ your body, no matter your contortions!

Stable Belt Loop

Oh boy - has Richie taken some heat on not having a single pivot point, quick release mount for GUNSLINGER - but he has refused it as a design feature of GUNSLINGER!


Because a single pivot, quick release mount is a terrible design feature.  GUNSLINGER hugs your leg, or your ass, or wherever you place it, as a direct result of its wide STABLE BELT design!


Once you try it, you will never go back!

Custom Colors

We are PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANERS!  We wear uniforms, we wrap our vehicles, we produce EDDM pieces, we have websites, and we do Home Shows  - all to show our customers our ‘BRAND.’


And then, for the last 50 years, we wear on our belt, a B.O.A.B. that is the corporate colors of our supplier, servicing their corporate egos.


GUNSLINGER is available in over 50 different colors, and patterns to represent your company in the way you want to ‘be seen’  - from CONSERVATIVE to FUNKY, from COOL to ‘COLOR MATCHED’ with your company colors.  We can see, in time, you have several GUNSLINGERS depending on your choice of clothes each day … even matching your jeans, your kids, or your cap!


It’s aesthetics, and it’s a symbol of your PROFESSIONALISM in your customers’ eye!



There’s no doubt this is the GUNSLINGER advantage over all other window cleaner tool belts!  Richie Blue has been cleaning windows for over 20 years, and water management has been a ‘problem’ that needed a solution for the whole time.


GUNSLINGER is hinged at the back so ‘THE BUCKET’ can be operated easily, without removing the GUNSLINGER from your belt!  Check out the TIPS & TRICKS videos to get a full and compelling understanding of how this feature will change the way you operate!

The Bucket

As Window Cleaners using traditional tools, THE BUCKET is one of the most important functions of GUNSLINGER.  It’s big, it's easy, and you will never go back to a plastic BOAB.  Put simply, IT WORKS - intuitively, and perfectly.



The outer cover of GUNSLINGER is a waterproof material, ensuring that the ‘insides’ do not get wet, and therefore, will not smell over time - After each day, wipe out your new GUNSLINGER with a MICROFIBER cloth or SCRIM, and it will stay in excellent condition.


The inside surface is completely waterproof. It will never smell, as long as you wipe it clean after use.


For the outer surface, spray it with a ‘sports shoe’ waterproofing agent for easier cleaning -  and wipe your GUNSLINGER down after each day’s use to keep the surface free of stains and marks.


The integrity of GUNSLINGER as a water holding bucket is guaranteed for 12 months with a free change-over policy.  In fact, we hope to guarantee it for 2-3 years, but we need to have it in your hands for that amount of time to prove this is real. The custom logo print is not subject to a warranty claim if it gets damaged.